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A visit to this island during your charter is a must if your intentions for the day are to enjoy some good food and great beaches. Home to the Painkiller drink this little island has the reputation of being stress-free as well as hosting some of the best beachside parties in the world. Restaurants such as Foxy’s, Taboo, and Corsair’s deliver excellent local food and quintessential casual atmosphere. The bar scene among palm trees and sand at the Soggy Dollar and Ivan’s leave little to your imagination when picturing a perfect bar on the beach complete with palm tree hammocks and local rum. Two mini islands called Sandy Spit and Sandy Cay are just off the North East side of Jost Van Dyke and are worth a visit for an hour or two.

Reportedly these islands were used for filming Corona commercials. You can pretend you are marooned on the half-acre island surrounded completely by a sandy beach. On the one-acre island Sandy Cay, you can try your luck at opening a coconut on the beach…or ask your captain to help, they might even have a bit of rum to help spice up the milk if you can crack it open!

If you decide to have lunch at Taboo you might also decide to take a short ten minute hike out to the Bubbling Pools. Known as a natural whirlpool, waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the north shore rock cliffs and filter in through a small opening to form a pool. As the waves run in and out of the pool they create a unique air bubble pool much like a whirlpool.