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Can’t quite get the funds together to buy this private island with its luxurious beach and emerald waters, located just off the coast of St. Thomas? That’s OK, we can take you there!

If you’re ready for your own private beach experience without having to put up Virgin Galactic prices, this USVI beach destination is for you. Let spirit you away from the crowds on our luxury powerboats to your own private beach day under the sun. We’ll head out to this beautiful secluded island with its amazing, pristine white sand beach and let all your worries melt away as you embrace true paradise. And if you get hot, take a dip and do some snorkeling in the island’s dense and unspoiled coral habitat.

Though you won’t see any other tourists, please be advised you may need to share some of your beach real estate with the island’s legendary goats. How’d they get there? That’s a great topic to discuss while you’re on the beach of Hans Lollick.