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Exploring the Virgin Islands by Boat: Top Must-Visit Destinations

Exploring the Virgin Islands by Boat: Top Must-Visit Destinations

Exploring the Virgin Islands by boat offers a fantastic opportunity to visit numerous breathtaking destinations. Here are some top must-visit places in the Virgin Islands that you should consider including in your itinerary on your day charter with Lets Play Virgin Islands:

1. The Baths, Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands):

This iconic natural wonder features giant granite boulders that form secluded grottos and stunning rock pools. Enjoy snorkeling through the crystal-clear waters and exploring the unique geological formations.

2. Trunk Bay, St. John (US Virgin Islands):

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, Trunk Bay boasts powdery white sand, vibrant coral reefs, and an underwater snorkeling trail. Don’t miss the opportunity to relax and soak up the sun in this picturesque setting.

3. Norman Island (British Virgin Islands):

Known as the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island,” Norman Island is a popular destination for snorkeling and diving. Explore the caves at The Bight, where legends of hidden pirate treasure abound.

4. Jost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands):

This laid-back island is famous for its pristine beaches and beachside bars, including the iconic Soggy Dollar Bar, where the painkiller cocktail was invented. Experience the vibrant island culture, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy the beachfront festivities.

5. Anegada (British Virgin Islands):

Anegada is a unique and relatively untouched island known for its stunning coral reefs and powdery white sand beaches. It offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and beachcombing. Don’t miss the chance to savor fresh lobster, a local specialty.

6. St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands):

As the most developed of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas offers a mix of natural beauty and modern amenities. Visit the picturesque Magens Bay, explore the historic district of Charlotte Amalie, and enjoy duty-free shopping and dining experiences.

7. Sandy Spit (British Virgin Islands):

This tiny, uninhabited island is a paradise for beach lovers and photographers. With its pristine white sand and turquoise waters, it’s the perfect spot for a secluded beach picnic and snorkeling adventure.

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