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Cruise Ship Excursions

Cruise Ship Excursions

There’s no better way to see St. Thomas and St John then on a private powerboat day charter. On your day charter experience with us, you will island hop remote untouched islands, walk pristine beaches, snorkel at unbelievable secluded reefs, away from the crowd, and have lunch at one of the many delicious beach restaurants the Virgin Islands has to offer.

A typical cruise ship excursion starts out by your group disembarking your cruise ship in either Havensight Dock or Crown Bay Dock.
Our captain will be there waiting for you at our pick up point.
Our captain will greet you and welcome you aboard the boat. After a quick safety speech and tour of the boat, we will depart the dock for a fun filled day island hopping in the US Virgin Islands.

The trips are 7 hours and can start as soon as you disembark your ship. Trips must be concluded before sunset. Our boats can hold up to 12 passengers and include a cooler with ice and bottled waters. If you want other items such as sodas, beers, chips and snacks, please just tell our captain at booking and he will have it stocked on the boat when he picks you up (Captain will provide you with a receipt for reimbursement for those items).

As you are cruising out of the harbor, your captain will be pointing out some historical landmarks. Feel free to ask him anything, as our captains are extremely knowledgeable with their island history and culture.

The day trip is fully customizable, but generally our trips go something like this.
2 snorkeling spots in the morning, lunch at a beach bar restaurant, then afternoon more snorkeling or island hopping beach bars. Some of our guests also enjoy finding a remote cove, playing some music, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon floating in the water with noodles and drinks while others enjoy walking the beach and exploring.
Be sure to explore our website destinations page for beaches, snorkeling reefs, and restaurants to visit on your charter.

As the end of the trip is nearing, we will start heading back to your cruise-ship dock. When we return to the place we picked up you, we will total the amount of fuel used, plus the remaining balance of the charter and any other expenses. Then we will help you collect all your belongings, hugs and farewells, and look forward to seeing you on your next visit to the Virgin Islands.

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Pick up locations:

Yacht Haven Grande Dock – When your Cruise ship is docked in Havensight.

Crown Bay Marina Dock – When your Cruise ship is docked in Crown Bay.


Both are about 5 minutes walk from your cruise ship. There are $50 pickup/drop off fees for using these marinas docks.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi to our dock in Compass Point Marina, it’s $15-20 per person each direction & takes about 30 minutes depending on traffic.


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